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The ATC has an interest in developing a research repository to highlight the positive use cases of Telehealth in Africa.

Research is ongoing and collaborative. To partner/ contribute to research contact us.

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Digital & Telehealth Manifesto

A Smart Solution for Health Equity and Systems Strengthening The Smart Health Summit, held on the 1st and 2nd of June, brought together industry leaders and key stakeholders who share [...]

Telehealth Overview

Executive summary The use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve patients' health status is becoming more common in the South African Healthcare [...]

Virtual / telehealth consultation checklist

Virtual consultations offered by health care professionals within the scope of their practices in the form of telehealth and telemedicine are an emerging form of primary, secondary, and rehabilitative healthcare [...]

Health workers’ perceptions and experiences of using mHealth technologies

Health workers’ perceptions and experiences of using mHealth technologies to deliver primary healthcare services: a qualitative evidence synthesis (Review) Odendaal WA, Anstey Watkins J, Leon N, Goudge J, Griffiths F, [...]

Personalizing Healthcare: Engaging Patients in a Digital Age

The world has dramatically changed in the past few months The way we work, and live, has also changed. The healthcare industry has had to pivot to remote work and [...]

Clinical Communication in a Digital Era

Meeting the secure collaboration and communication needs of healthcare providers with Microsoft 365 Frost & Sullivan White Paper – Sponsored by Microsoft Daniel Ruppar Download Paper

Technology: The Next Step Up in HIV Testing Innovation

As Principal Investigators on large PEPFAR and other donor-funded public health programs, we know the difficulty of finding new HIV-positive patients in environments with ever-shrinking new positive yields. Read Full […]

Are we there yet? Unbundling the potential adoption and integration of telemedicine to improve virtual healthcare services in African health systems

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the attention has now shifted towards universal vaccination to gracefully lift strict COVID-19 restrictions previously imposed to contain the spread of the disease. Sub-Saharan Africa […]

Expanding telemedicine to reduce the burden on the healthcare systems and poverty in Africa for a post-coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic reformation

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) global public health emergency, has exposed the fragility of health systems. Access to healthcare became a scarce commodity as healthcare providers and resource-poor populations became […]

Guidelines for the use of WhatsApp groups in clinical settings in South Africa

In everyday clinical practice, healthcare professionals (HCPs) are exposed to large quantities of confidential patient information, and many use WhatsApp groups to share this information. Download Guidelines

Updated HPCSA Guidelines

Health Professions Council of South Africa General Ethical Guidelines for Good Practice in Telehealth Booklet 10 Revision: December 2021 Download Booklet

Telehealth related opportunities and considerations to address health care delivery gaps in South Africa

Telehealth presents an ideal opportunity to address health care delivery gaps in South African and Covid-19 has demonstrated that now is the time to explore, embrace and regulate future practices [...]

Facilitating remote access to specialist medical expertise through the scaled up adoption of a smartphone application: A South African case

The public health service in South Africa (SA), serving 85% of the population, is based on a primary healthcare (PHC) model, which is in accordance with international best practice. Primary [...]