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The aim is to create functional synergy by encouraging and facilitating knowledge and resource sharing between the initiatives in order to overcome the common barriers to telehealth adoption begining in South Africa and extending into the rest of the continent.


To facilitate a broad-based approach towards encouraging the further development and enhancement of telehealth in the South African and African healthcare ecosystems with a focus on enhancing access, cost effectiveness and improved quality of care, particularly in resource poor / underserved communities to create an inclusive healthcare system in line with the objectives of Universal Health Coverage.

The ATC is a Voluntary association led by a a committee consisting of leading experts across various areas of the healthcare industry to effectively identify barriers, progress and define new approaches to telehealth access for all South Africans.

Resources and Publications:

Technology: The Next Step Up in HIV Testing Innovation

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Are we there yet? Unbundling the potential adoption and integration of telemedicine to improve virtual healthcare services in African health systems

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Expanding telemedicine to reduce the burden on the healthcare systems and poverty in Africa for a post-coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic reformation

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) global public health emergency, has exposed the fragility of health systems. Access to healthcare became a scarce commodity as healthcare providers and resource-poor populations became […]